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Our Mission

As mentioned, our mission achieved the primary milestone by becoming one among the very best market shareholders with our first product range i.e. AMBIKA Commercials (E-Rickshaw/E-Loader/E-Garbage Van). We are performing on our next generation of product range i.e. (Electric Scooters/E-Scooters/E-Bikes). Our firm is offering customers a wide assortment of battery-operated rickshaws. The battery-operated rickshaw we provide is technologically advanced and anyone can use it after charging the battery. We provide products according to the recommendations of customers to suit their needs.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing active support to the Electric Vehicle industry and Govt. of India in shaping up the right future for Electric Vehicles and to put India on the global map of Electric Vehicles. AMBIKA would assist in creating a comprehensive ecosystem that accentuates the positives and mitigates the negative impact of Electric Vehicle on our environment and the Indian economy.

Our vision is to evolve the transportation ecosystem in India with Electric vehicles that are affordable, efficient, and accessible. We envision to revolutionize last-mile connectivity experience for all. Our world is on the verge of exhausting natural resources, AMBIKA has the vision to convert every form of transport to electric.